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Every week, men gather to attend one of our MANUP Bible study groups.  At our Thursday evening group in Lakeway, TX, we film the lesson.  At the end of each sermon series we assemble all the videos and notesheets into a digital download . . . everything you need to run your own MANUP group wherever you are!

Thanks to our generous donor team, anyone can request FREE MANUP curriculum to use at their church, men's group, or Bible study.  Take a look at the available series below, and click the "Request Free Curriculum" button to request yours today.

Available Series.

Series Length:  12 Lessons
As men we have to FIGHT. For our families. For our relationships. For our spiritual journeys. For our own, personal characters. And we need to learn how to identify the areas that cause us to lose the battle.

Join us for Fight Club: a 12-part series that unpacks the top 12 struggles of men - and provides practical insights, examples, and tools for defeating them!
Series Length:  10 Lessons
Road Rules is a journey to getting from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.

We’ll spend the next several weeks learning 10 rules for navigating the journey of life -- and then assemble what we've learned into a roadmap for getting where you want to go.
Series Length:  4 Lessons
Everyone is battling something - a fight for your marriage, family, finances, addictions, personality traits...  Thank GOD the Bible tells us that the battle belongs to HIM!  And He will give us victory!

Captured at the 2022 MANUP Texas Retreat, join in with men across the country as Pastor J unpacks how to live a victorious life.
Series Length:  4 Lessons
Our lead pastor J. Huffman and MANUP board president Eric Hehman have teamed up to co-write and co-teach this insightful series on LEGACY. 

Together, they'll combine decades of pastoral experience and business acumen to help you take your family, your business, and your kingdom impact to the next level.
Series Length:  5 Lessons
You can’t live ON mission if you don’t KNOW your mission.  What are you good at?  Who are you serving with your gifts?  Is God calling you to something new? In this series, pastor J. unpacks practical steps for discovering your own personal mission in life.

Are you ready to join GOD on mission?
Series Length:  8 Lessons
The original followers of Jesus were called “Followers of The Way” because Jesus claimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”  THE WAY is a step-by-step guide to following Jesus together.

Using the actual words of Jesus to his disciples, we’ll learn practical and actionable steps to becoming more like Jesus in the everyday places of life.